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Advertising is fine, when done moderately but nowadays, we're bombarded with video ads playing before & during what we choose to play & to that we say: No More.


So, What is AdsFree?

What we did is essentailly restore the 'Video Playback' Experience to its original form where we fully control what plays (We, The viewers). Why? Besides negatively impacting the user experience, forced video ads are damaging to small businesses. Big corporations can afford more screen time & influence on online viewers and it's not fair to small business.

  • Intentionally Technical?

    The options we take advantage of are 100% legal and are mostly provided by YouTube & Google to those with the technical knowledge required to utilize them. What we've done is put all these options together and avail them to the public through a user-friendly interface. Giving you, our parents & everyone else a way to watch videos without ads interrupting.

"FREE? How?? Why?"

Many are puzzled by the fact that AdsFree is a $0 service and open to the public. That's because most of us are programmed to think with the greed of Wall Street and expect everyone else to become a shark when they can. We do have advertisers but will NEVER allow them to impact your video screen.

  • Your visits & returns are enough for us

    Really. You coming back to our sites is enough proof of the need for our existence.

  • Our products are for businesses only

    We deal with responsible & reputable organization to only promote products that suit your needs.


AdsFree Features

Sites, like clothes, should be tailored to you

Responsive Design

Looking beautiful to the eye, while remaining fully functional is a balance we love perfecting.

Lingo-Targeted offers a curated platform of language-specific video collections.

Gift to the World

Another answer to those who wonder why our services are free. It's a gift, that's why.

Manually Managed

Robots are good at carrying out orders but at the end of every line of command is a human.

Sponsor Deals

Working hand in hand with various organizations, we offer deals that increase your browsing value.

An Email Away

Unlike many sites, we are actually an email away from viewers, not blocked by 100s of automated systems.

Featured Live Channels

With over 300 Live channels without annoying ads before or during the stream, AdsFree LiveTV is the #1 source

Explainer Video

Simply put - a VIP YouTube Experience.
2500+ New Users/Day
WorldWide Access
Superior Support

Enhance Your BRAND locally and/or GLOBALLY

Utilize the Power of AdsFree with Subtle Brand Awareness


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