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State funeral for Lebanese soldiers killed by IS

   AP Archive
   Published: 1 year ago


(8 Sep 2017) Lebanon held a state funeral on Friday for 10 of its soldiers captured and killed by the Islamic State group (IS).
President Michel Aoun presided over the ceremony in honour of the soldiers, held at the Defence Ministry near Beirut.
Lebanese Army Commander General Joseph Aoun warned of extremist sleeper cells and vowed to confront and terminate them.
The bodies of the soldiers were recovered late last month following an army offensive to wipe out hundreds of IS militants who had been occupying parts of the Lebanese-Syria border region since 2014.
The soldiers were kidnapped by the militants during a border raid in 2014.
Two of them were killed the same year, while the fate of the remaining eight was unknown until late July when the militants agreed to reveal their burial place in return for their evacuation from the border region to IS-held areas in Syria.

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