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How safe is Boeing's 737 Max 8 aircraft? | Inside Story

   Al Jazeera English
   Published: 6 days ago


Boeing calls its 737 the most popular jet aircraft of all time.

The US plane maker hoped its new 737 MAX 8 would bring in a new era of passenger safety.

However, two fatal crashes in five months are raising serious questions.

Aviation analysts have noted remarkable similarities between Sunday's Ethiopian Airlines crash, and one involving the same model of aircraft in Indonesia in October.

More countries are grounding the planes, and passengers are cancelling their trips.

But Boeing and US aviation regulators say there's nothing to worry about.

So who's right? And will Sunday's crash affect confidence in modern air travel?

Presenter: James Bays


Kyle Bailey - Pilot and former U.S. Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team Representative.

Todd Curtis - Former Airline Safety Engineer at Boeing.

Matt Driskill - Editor, Asian Aviation Magazine.

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