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Are influencers who promote flat-belly tea endangering their fans? | The Stream

   Al Jazeera English
   Published: 1 day ago


People have been drinking tea to promote good health for centuries. But there is rising concern over dangerous detox teas -- and their promotion by influencers on Instagram.

Detox teas have gained a worldwide following thanks to some high-powered celebrity endorsements. The products claim to help people lose weight and boost immunity effortlessly, but this has not been proved.

Pushback against the teas is growing. Health officials say the teas could cause dehydration and liver failure. Some celebrities including actor Jameela Jamil say promoting the products is irresponsible. And some lawmakers in the US are even calling for the regulation of the teas' sale and promotion to "protect consumers from harm".

We'll take a look at detox tea claims versus reality, social media marketing tactics including celeb endorsements, and whether these products (and others) need oversight.

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