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Netanyahu Fully Exposed As Fake Antichrist Forerunner!! - Warsaw Summit EXPOSED YOU BIBI!

   Published: 3 months ago

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Benjamin Netanyahu, or more commonly known as Bibi, has been serving the Z nation for a while. He has a messianic notion of himself — if you want to understand why he’s always causing trouble, get this, he feels, he is the FORERUNNER to the messiah, someone called upon for a job, to make the Z nation safe.

You might be wondering, why I’ve made this assessment. Well, it’s not just me saying it, but also top middle eastern political strategists themselves have said it. In order to understand why, we have to go back in history. Netanyahu was born in 1949, in Tel Aviv. Netanyahu’s father, Benzion, was a historian who specialized in the Spanish Inquisition and the expulsion of the Jews from Spain. It’s quite obvious, from the way Netanyahu carries himself, that his father had corrupted his mind. Netanyahu’s vision and agenda is not just driven by the Chabad as well as Talmudic Rabbis, but a lot of it is coming from his demonic father. The idea that, there will always be a hostile world that would not care for the security and welfare of the Z nation, and one thing that they should do is do it themselves, and take their destiny, so to speak, in their own hands … and never trust the outside world to protect Z nation, because it won’t.

Netanyahu claims that the Ziopig nation is the only democracy in the Middle East, here’s an interesting fact, it’s the only so called democracy that doesn’t vote entirely on its pocketbook but on national security considerations. I wonder why? That's because the Ziopig nation is a deception. It's not been blessed by God, but it's been paid by the evil elite!

Netanyahu's job is to decieve people into thinking that they are living in the messianic era. Some people believe that the world will “evolve” by itself into a messianic era without a human figurehead. Judaism actually rejects this belief. Because Human history has been dominated by empire builders greedy for power.
Others believe in Armageddon—that the world will self-destruct,
Religious Jews speak of the advent of a human leader, of a magnitude that the world has not yet experienced. His unique example and leadership will inspire mankind to change direction. And Netanyahu feels he is that leader to inspire mankind and change direction.. the globalists not God, has blessed him for the job.
According to Judaism Any potential Moshiach must be a direct descendant of King David. And the globalists have already made up a fake story, that Netanyahu Netanyahu on the side of his father descends from Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna who was a descendant of King David, antichrist, dajal, prophecies of end times,
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