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Could this Electric Vehicle Challenge Tesla?

   Published: 3 months ago


After 11 years of development, the Arcimoto has finally arrived. It's a three-wheeled, all-electric vehicle that is small, fast and incredibly fun to drive. The grand vision behind the Arcimoto is that people will use it for most of their day-to-day driving instead of relying on their bulky, gas guzzling cars. But, the jury is very much out on whether or not consumers will pay $12,000 a pop to back this societal and environmental experiment. On this episode of Hello World, reporter Ashlee Vance heads to the Arcimoto's birthplace in Eugene, Oregon to take the vehicle out for a spin and to hear the saga of its creation.

Creator and Host: Ashlee Vance
Writer: Ashlee Vance
Director: David Nicholson
Camera: Tom Connors
Editor: Alan Jeffries
Colorist and Sound Mixer: Brian Schildhorn
Additional Camera: Jeremy Bronson

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